Our Pieces

Our clothes have been designed for a dynamic woman, who needs to feel comfortable in any circumstance.

The places where we spend our time in are many, therefore, comfort is vital in our everyday; being able to go from the countryside to the city or from work to a party, All of it, with an outfit that is so versatile that it blends with the environment through a mixture of apparently opposite elements: those same elements that thrive through both the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Our clothes in Paula Alegría carry this antagonistic and ambivalent essence. Pieces that are at the same time elegant and comfortable, romantic and powerful, natural and technological. Because beauty is found in nature, but it can also be found in our everyday life.

There is no grater inspiration than the search for the exceptional in the ordinary, the frenzy in routine, the movement from the quietest ecstatic observation.

About us

Paula Alegría is the result of a restless childhood between pieces of fabrics, furniture restoration and a taste for beauty – that inherited from her mother.

After finishing her studies in Architecture, her perpetual interest in the world of fashion led her to study a postgraduate degree in Arquitecture, Fashion and Design; which merges all her interests.

After having work as an Arquitect, she wins the Samsung Ego Innovation Project: the spark she needed to create her own brand with her mother, who has been involved professionally in fashion for more than twenty years, running a boutique in Madrid. The combination of experience and innovation has led to the creating of unique pieces.

“We have found in creating fashion a form of expression that brings together all our interests: Arquitecture, fashion, nature and technology.”

Paula Alegría Work Table.

Innovation, Research and Technology

Research and Innovation are the two key signs of Paula Alegría.

In the catwalks, the possibilities of the designed pieces are put to the limit through the search for new techniques and combination of elements coming from different fields.

These unique pieces coexist with a (ready-to-wear) forefront design line, thus blurring the barrier between the catwalk and the street. The analogic dialogues with the digital through a symbiosis between nature and technology, between the living and the non-living.